More Benefits

Smart gadgets are nice. They are a symbol of status for your kids and they aid their tech development in astounding ways. They come in handy for:

Easy communication with the children irrespective of distance

Teaching aid in schools that implement the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system of learning

Access to resources such as mobile dictionaries, encyclopedias, digital flash cards and the likes

Navigation through Google maps

However, they could also pose some threats to the mental, emotional and psychological development of young minds if the gadgets are not properly managed.

  • Addiction to Pornography / Other Age Restricted Content
  • Poor Attention, Phishing and Vulnerability to Online Scams
  • Posting Private Information (Damaged Reputations) and lack of sleep due to screen time.

But we understand that busy parents cannot always be around to look over children’s shoulders

So how do you guard the minds of your kids from these vices without depriving them the benefits of owning smartphones and similar gadgets?